Jan Tern - Certified Speaking Professional

Speaks on health and how to manage stress.

"...I have recommended him to many of my customers."

Totte Freidenfelt
Agent for speakers and artists

"... I highly recommend Jan to anyone that wants less stress at their workplace.

Åsa Dahlfors
Expert in workplace health and safety

Improving your health and increasing the human capital

Jan Tern, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), decreases stress and enhancing workplace happiness and pride in order to increase your human capital.

Jan has been the person responsible for developing well-being within Volvo Group, he has also written eight books. ”The 26 hour day” is one of Swedens best selling books on stress and ”MATematik” about food and nutrition was awarded with 3rd prize in the the category most innovative cook book in the world 2009 in Paris.

The Magazine Konferensvärlden (The Conference World) has ranked Jan as one of Swedens five best speakers on health and stress.

We have hired Jan on several occasions, both as a speaker at conferences and breakfast seminars and also as a trainer for workshops held on-site at our customers. I can warmly recommend Jan. He is an inspirational speaker who has both an in-depth knowledge of his subject and the ability to make the training stick. He presents a wide range of concrete actions combined with ideas and methods that everyone is able to use.

We hired Jan on recommendation after hearing many great testimonials as to his skills as a speaker. Something that turned out to be true. His seminar about “Less stress and improved Work Life Balance”, was highly appreciated. He gave examples that we all could relate to on how stress affects us and how we could better manage it. Jan possessed an in-depth knowledge of this area and managed to engage the audience with his positivity and expertise. I can highly recommend Jan to anyone that wants to have less stress at their workplace and in their life.

Jan was our keynote speaker at one of our events a couple of years ago, and once again we have decided to bring him back.  His pedagogical and fun way of speaking and the way he mixes health tips and methods, encourages everyone to take action and want to develop themselves further.

When I heard Jan for the first time, I thought ”Wow, he has the ability and karma that stands out in a positive way”. I got a ”Yes I can do it feeling” to make me really believe that I can accomplish what it is that I want to do.
His energy and message are still fresh in my mind, even though it was more than five years ago I first heard him speak. In my profession as an agent for speakers, I have recommended him to many of my customers.

1 of 3

Certified Speaking Professionals in Sweden. The others are Fredrik Härén a global keynote speaker and Niklas Myhr, the Multimedia Professor of Chapman University.

5 editions

Of his book 26 timmarsdygnet (The 26 hour day). The successor will be named Stress Exit and will be printed during October. First in Swedish and in the begin of 2020 in English.

90 seminars

a year as an average for the last three years.